Time to say goodbye to time-consuming quotations and hello to direct orders!  

We are proud to announce that HYDAC has joined Royal IHC’s pioneering e-commerce platform as one of its trusted global partners.

The global maritime e-commerce platform ‘ShipSupport’ makes it easier for our customers to order all their required parts online for their vessels and equipment. 

ShipSupport.com developed a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and what makes it quicker and easier for customers to order required parts online. The platform was launched in November 2018 and represents a game changer for the global maritime industry.

Through the additional online channel what ShipSupport provides us with, we are able to better serve our customers’ needs. It wil also help to minimise their downtime and their businesses to thrive. ShipSupport’s offer clear pricing, predictable delivery times and tailored range of high-quality products.

HYDAC is delighted to be chosen by IHC to be part of its global network of partners for ShipSupport. According to According to Maaike de Rover, Manager of ShipSupport, only suppliers renowned for the highest quality parts and components have been considered to join the online platform. “We want our customers to get the best out of their vessels and equipment for the entire lifecycle,” she says. “Its customer-focused approach strongly resonates with the way we work – to provide parts of the highest quality, and enable customers to keep their vessels and equipment working.”

Shipsupport helps our customers overcome logistical challenges in an automated way and will enable them to achieve maximum performance and uptime!