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HYCOM manufactures reliable, user-friendly component test benches for military and civil aviation. The series of test benches developed by HYCOM cover testing of all types of rotating and non-rotating hydraulic aircraft components.

Please contact Hycom to select the right solution for your needs.

Our test benches reflect the knowledge of the hydraulic system as well as the perfect understanding of the customer’s needs of reliability and easy operating, reducing the time required to test a component according the CMM requirements.

The HYCOM “Advantouch” control system software provides a data acquisition system with an integrated CMM editor for automatic testing. Steps of each CMM can be entered allowing to perform tests in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode.

These products are now used to full satisfaction not only by many aircraft operating and aircraft maintenance companies but also by some of the world leading manufacturers of aircrafts and aircraft components.

Datasheet Test Benches
Rotary component test bench
Hydraulic pumps and motors
Up to 240 kW
Static pressure test bench
Hydraulic hoses and pipes
Up to 700 bar
Actuator test bench
A330/A340 Main Landing Gear (MLG)
Alternative for 98F32104020000 / AIT320006
Lubrication channel test bench
Internal Gear Box (IGB)
LEAP-1A, -1B, -1C engine
Fuselage test unit
Cargo door
A320 family
Fuselage test unit
Nose Landing Gear (NLG)
A320 family