HYDAC's guide to filters and filter elements

Always match the correct HYDAC filter element; HYDAC makes it easy.

The incredibly wide choice of HYDAC filtration products calls for a clear part identification system, allowing buyers to always order the right replacement components easily. Although some buyers might be overwhelmed with the long part codes made of letters, digits, and signs altogether, it turns out that the model identification code created by HYDAC is very straightforward. It allows users not only to understand all detailed part specifications behind the code, but also to match the correct filter element and the clogging indicators with the filter.

Does the part number start with a letter? Then it is not a filter replacement element.

A frequently made mistake by buyers and crews is.. Ordering a filter element using the part code found on the housing. A filter assembly is built of a filter housing and the actual consumable filter element. Housings aren’t exchanged often unless they are damaged. It is the inside filter element which needs regular replacements.

A common mistake that some users make when ordering filter elements is providing the part number of the filter housing when they intend to purchase just the replacement element.

Does the crew request you to purchase a filter element but give you a part number beginning with a letter such as DF, RF, NF, etc?
Double-check it, as there must have been a mistake. Remember:
  • The part numbers of complete filter assemblies start with letters.
  • The part numbers of filter elements start with numbers.