HYCOM expands in Apeldoorn with an industrial hall for cylinder overhaul

After 34 years: back to the place where it once all started.

HYCOM, subsidiary of HYDAC BV, is committed to growth. Thanks to the proven reliability to their customers, HYCOM has continued to grow and will focus on cylinder revision from 2019 onwards.

The Dutch HYCOM has been part of the HYDAC-Group since 2013. Cylinder overhaul has always been part of their expertise, but thanks to the new overhaul hall it will become one of the focus areas for the coming years. The nearby hall on the Kayersdijk in Apeldoorn is 140 meters long, 20 meters wide, 9 meters high, has a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, a liquid-tight floor with a capacity of 20 tonnes per m2 and an energy supply of 1,600 KVA.

This step was important for HYCOM to continue to serve the revision market. Cylinders are becoming bigger and bigger; therefore, space is required, as is capacity for loading, turning, dismantling and dry storage of the cylinders.

The roots of HYCOM go back to 1974. HYCOM started as part of the Dutch Werklust BV (on the Kayersdijk in Apeldoorn, at the exact location of the new acquired hall), after which it continued independently, nearby at a new location in Apeldoorn. Since then, HYCOM has consistently proven itself in the field of knowledge and experience. This enables them to overhaul cylinders of which there are no longer drawings available. HYCOM-engineers are able to reproduce these drawings, so that a reliable overhaul can be carried out.

In 2020, the new hall will also be used for the test setup for a civil project. For integral testing with other disciplines such as electricity supply and control, the operation of water gates, amongst others, is simulated.

It may be clear: cylinders can be overhauled without restrictions at HYCOM in The Netherlands. Your contact: Theo de Bruin or Hans Rip, telephone +31(0)88-0597200.