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Civil works

Hycom hydraulic systems: Stable civil works, like bridges, locks and footbridges, that function the way they should

At Hycom, we use a unique combination of hydraulics and electronics to operate bridges, locks and footbridges (such as roll-on-roll-off platforms). In this field, we can supply you with a complete package for your total drive and control system.

On the face of it, it seems simple to build stable civil works, like bridges, locks and footbridges, that function the way they should. However, it takes a lot of technology. Based in the Netherlands, a country with plenty of water, Hycom is thoroughly at home with hydraulic drives for civil engineering. In fact, we have built up a wealth of experience and are thus well equipped to assist you with your hydraulic challenge.

Steel construction companies and other contractors are quick to contact Hycom for civil engineering projects. Hycom can take part in a building consortium, is always flexible and a team player. That’s the way to achieve good results as a consortium. As well as contributing to new projects, Hycom also looks after maintenance to existing structures, such as replacing piping and revising cylinders.

Hycom hydraulic systems for civil works in the spotlight

Civil work | Projects

Hydraulic power unit installed on the Botlek bridge

Hydraulic system for the Botlek Bridge

Hycom developed and built the hydraulic system for locking the bridge and the systems for tensioning the drive and balance cable …

Door cylinder for the Volkerak locks

Volkerak Revision | Hydraulic System to speed up the levelling process

Hycom provided and adjusted the existing hydraulic system to ensure shorter waiting times for the ships travelling through the locks …

Hydraulic cylinder with manifold and accumulators to open the Dollegoor bridge

Overhaul Dollegoor-bridge

For the revision of the Dollegoor bridge, Hycom supplied a hydraulic aggregate and two cylinders. The hydraulic aggregate is fitted with a tank …

Hydraulic system for Macken Street Bridge

Hycom has delivered the complete hydraulic system including the cylinders for the Macken Street Bridge in Dublin. The Macken Street Bridge …

Hydrostatic drivecontrol with diesel hpu

HYDAC’s facility in Enschede develops diesel-driven Hydraulic Power Packs to power rotative as well as linear equipment.

Atex utility container with diesel hpu

The Hydac group has delivered the diesel driven hydraulic power units (HPU) suited for ATEX zone 2 and the utility container including the platform and stairs.

800mt jacking system

The Hydac group has delivered the hydraulic system, piping and local controls, located in each individual base.

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