piping for Hydraulic Equipment systems
From engineering to testing

Complete piping solutions, turn key systems & prefabrication.

HYDAC is specialized in turn-key hydraulic systems, used in various applications everything with the best quality. Part of our wide range of solutions is hydraulic piping which comes with technical support, engineering, prefabrication, installation and documentation.

One stop shopping; we will make it easy for you! With more than 30 years experience we can provide customized piping solutions for every branche like offshore, marine, dredging, mobile equipment and industry.

A day in the life of our pipework engineer
Engineering: let us do the thinking

Early involvement by HYDAC in your engineering phase means optimization of the process to achieve a reduction of the overall costs.


In our facility we have the newest and most modern equipment to bend pipes conform our 3D drawings, produced by our own engineering department or provided by our customer. HYDAC is able to deliver both welded and non-welded piping systems. Whatever fits your needs we can provide a solution.


HYDAC has a team of trained employees and modern tools and equipment:

  • Workshop containers
  • Mobile bending machines
  • Measuring equipment
  • Pipe flaring machines
  • Containerized flushing and testing units
Service, all in one company

Due to all the HYDAC companies, located in over 55 countries worldwide, we are able to support you fast and efficient. Wether it is about supplying hydraulic systems, piping solutions or when just flushing of your system is necessary; you only need to contact one company.

System documentation
  • 3D drawings as built
  • Material certificates / Tracebility
  • Classification approval
  • Bill of materials
  • Test reports (flushing and pressure testing)
  • Final documentation book

Hycom hydraulic systems in the spotlight.