Overhaul and repair of all brands of cylinders and more

With HYDAC you can have hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, etc. overhauled without restrictions, in our 140-meter industrial hall in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Our expertise

We can give both technically and economically advice.
Together with you, we will make the right decision by weighing up the long-term cost-effectiveness of rejecting or repairing/fully overhauling the hydraulic cylinder, engine, pump, etc.

Contact Theo de Bruijn or Hans Rip:

Overhaul without restrictions

Dimension: 140 Meters long, 20 meters wide, 9 meters high
Lifting capacity:120 mT
Energy supply:1600 KVA
Cranes: 3 Slewing-/ hoisting cranes 1,5 mT
Crane tracks: 8 crane tracks, 4x 25 mT and 4x 6,5 mT
Floor capacity: 4000 kg per m2
Accessibility location: Located near the national roads like A1 and A50