flushing units systems

During the assembly and installation of the hydraulic system it is easily possible for dirt and other contamination to find their way into the pipes and other items of equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to flush out all this contamination so that it cannot have an adverse effect on the operation and life time of the equipment. Flushing involves circulating hydraulic fluid through the system at high speed. The fast flowing fluid carries the particles of dirt along with it, to where they can be removed in a separate filter circuit. The duration and intensity of flushing depends on the required cleanliness of the system.

HFU 1250

The HFU 1250 is a modulair system with a max. flow of 1250 l/min per unit. Multiple HFUs can be connected to increase flushing capacity.

Pipe systems from 24 up to 5000 l/min can be flushed. Each HFU is fitted in a 10 ft. container and an be used on any location worldwide because of its multi supply voltage and frequency design. The HFU is provided with filtration in pressure and return line, filters in the return line are switchable between multiple filtration grades during flushing.


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