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Hydraulic equipment for high-quality, efficient maintenance

Safe, reliable air transport demands precise aircraft maintenance. Hycom is a recognised, certified supplier of hydraulic equipment for high-quality, efficient maintenance.

Throughout the world, we supply testing equipment to leading aircraft manufacturers, varying from mobile test units to built-in hangar systems, component test benches and general testing equipment.

Test Units

Unique advanced features, EN 9100 certified

Hycom has developed a series of mobile test units with capacities between 4 and 65 US gallons per minute. The use of electronic controls gives our test systems unique, advanced properties. Hycom also has extensive experience with fixed test systems that are built into the hangar. We can provide a complete package including piping and start-up on site.

Hycom is listed as a recognised supplier of testing equipment in the maintenance manuals of aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. We comply with the EN9100 aviation standard. Our systems are used by airlines and maintenance companies and we supply testing systems for military aircraft. Thanks to our extensive programme, we can supply test units for just about every type of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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Hydraulic ground support equipment for assembly line in Asia

For a new production location of a European aircraft manufacturer, Hycom has supplied the complete inventory of mobile hydraulic test equipment.

3D drawing of powerpack for aircraft maintenance

Power pack containers

With fixed hangar hydraulic systems it is not always possible to place the hydraulic pump unit and accessories in a basement. For these situations …

Triple maintenance system with Omnidrive system

Triple hydraulic maintenance system with omnidrive undercarriage

For a West-European aircraft builder Hycom has equipped a mobile unit with a special drive system. Instead of a conventional undercarriage with …

Test unit for use during aircraft assembly

Hydraulic test systems for assembly line in Asia

Hycom has recently supplied and commissioned various hydraulic testing equipment that will be used for aircraft assembly in Asia.

Hydraulic system for aircraft hangar

Central hydraulic hangar supply system for military aircrafts

For a West European aircraft manufacturer for the military market, …

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